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One+ Loan Program

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Is the One+ Loan Program right for you?

  • Dreaming of Homeownership? With just a 1% down payment, the One+ Loan Program can make your dream a reality. We’ll cover the other 2%, making homeownership more accessible than ever.
  • Seeking an Affordable Option? If you’re earning up to 80% of your area’s median income, this program is tailor-made for you. We believe in empowering communities, one homeowner at a time.
  • Looking for a Primary Residence? Your primary residence is more than just a house; it’s where memories are made. This offer is exclusively designed to help you secure the home where your life happens.
Mortgage Home Loan
Mortgage Loan
Mortgage Home Loan

Benefits of the One+ Loan Program

  • Minimal Down Payment: With just 1% down, step into your dream home. We’ll handle the other 2%.
  • Mortgage Insurance Covered: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re protected. And the best part? You don’t have to pay for it!
  • Flexible Payment Options: Whether you can afford to pay 1% or up to 2.99% down, we’ve got you covered by adding an extra 2% to your down payment.
  • Timely Offers: Secure the home of your dreams with the best terms by locking in your rate on or after 5/22/2023.

One+ Loan Eligibility Requirements

  • Good Credit is Key: A minimum FICO® score of 620 is required to be eligible for the One+ Loan Program.
  • Sensible Loan Amounts: The program offers loan amounts up to $350,000, ensuring you get a home that fits both your lifestyle and budget.
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